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Dwelling On It

Years ago when I started my design consulting business, I began with the name "Dwelling On It". I loved a good play on words and that seemed to be the most fitting for this business. But as time went on, it just didn't feel quite "business-y" enough, but rather seemed to be more fitting for a blog, or a book... or ya know, my future hgtv show. (hey now, stop, a girl can dream). So I changed my business name to Brocato Design + Co. and have been happy with it ever since. I still had all the plans for that "Dwelling On It" blog. But man. Life. Babies. Family. And ya know, actually DOING all the design work that I love, led me to very little time for all that blogging and social media posting and and and... how do people do it all? Welp... here we are, years later with only a smattering of posts along the way.

In case you land on this post some years from now, I sure hope that life has returned to some semblance of "normal". But to remind you of what times were like "back then" aka now, it's currently 2020. The year of total chaos. The Covid Pandemic topping the charts of daily life, but not even close to the only thing happening in our world today. So I recently had this idea. Here we are at home (well some of us anyway). Many of us dwelling on a lot of things. The state of our homes as we sit and stare at them, our kids, our lack of social lives, what the heck our upcoming school year will become, our health, masks, our work, racial injustice, politics, the upcoming elections. Oy. It's enough to make anyone dwell on ALL OF IT and lose their sh!t. So I thought of this little blog and thought maybe I would resurrect her. I would love for this to be a safe place to dwell on anything. I would like to be able to talk about all the things that I overthink here in this dwelling space of mine. My DIY projects, my life as a mama, a wife, a human being.... I dunno. What do you want to read about?

So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and let’s dwell on it all together.

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