Frequently asked questions


If you've never worked with an interior designer or it's your first time working with our firm, we understand that you probably have several questions about the design process. We've answered many frequently asked questions here for you!

If we have not answered your questions, please schedule a complimentary discovery call. We would love the opportunity to speak to you further about your project!

Why should I enlist the services

of an interior designer?

Creating a unique space that feels lived in, beautiful, and cohesive can be a lot harder than it sounds for many. Some people know what they like but have no idea where to begin, others don't even know what they like (they just know it when they see it), some have zero eye for creativity, spacial relationships, color, etc., while others thought they knew what they were doing only for it all to fall flat and now they need to undo their work. Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons, but what they are all hoping to gain is the insurance that we will do it right the first time, that they won't have to lose sleep over every decision, that we will create a realistic budget with them to make it all happen, and that at the end of the day they are investing in a space that they will truly love!  

What is the first step?

The real first step is in making the decision that you are ready to invest in creating a home that you absolutely love! Once you feel ready, set up a discovery call with us so that we can hear about your project, talk you through our process, and see if we feel like a good fit for your project goals! If you like what you hear, we will go ahead and set you up with a Design Starter Appointment! 

Do you offer free consultations? 

We do not offer free in-home visits, and honestly anyone worth their snuff in this industry won't either! So you'll want to look for someone whose first appointment is a paid appointment and usually lasts around 1-1.5 hours. We do, however, offer a free 15 min. phone chat to make sure that we feel like a good fit before making that first Design Starter Appointment. Use the "Book A Call" service if you'd like a free moment of our time!

How do I determine the budget for my project?

Budget planning is usually a bit eye opening for many prospective clients as so many people just don't realize what the THINGS (ie: items going into your space) will cost. It's easy to toss out a number that "seems good enough" but without knowing the cost of each item, then we're just aiming nowhere. Instead we do a quick "Budget On The Fly", based on the scope of work, at your Design Starter Appointment so that you can gain a realistic perspective of what to expect to pay for your unique project. For more in depth projects or those that require construction, we may need more time outside of our meeting to research and deliver a more accurate budget for you. 

How much will our project cost?

The product budget will be determined based on what you are hoping to achieve (see above). In terms of our Design Fees, we are a flat fee Design Firm so we take many factors into account based on the scope of work when determining our fees. We use the Design Starter Appointment to get our eyes in the space and get a true determination of the scope of the job and can quote our fees from there. 

How long will our project take?

Most furnishing projects from Design Starter to Purchasing will take about 6 weeks with us (obviously construction jobs take much longer). With the supply chain issues we have been experiencing, there can be quite long wait times before your items will arrive, which of course is outside of our control. Once everything is ready and received, we will coordinate final installation and styling to completion! 

Can you manage the entire project?


Our team is prepared to project manage from conception to completion for you! 

What is the difference between

virtual design and full service design?

If you are a client that is out of town, or you have a smaller job, smaller budget, and want to shop at lower-end retail stores, then e-design would be the way to go for you. Virtual (or e-design) is where we do everything virtually. We'll look at pictures of your space, gather measurements, create electronic renderings, and then send over all of the shop links for you to purchase and install. We do not project manage these jobs, but rather hand them over to you once the design phase is complete!

Full service Design is where we manage your job from start to finish and are selling you products that are sold to the trade only. This is for clients with larger jobs, larger budgets, and often less time to deal with the hassles that come along with ordering, tracking, and installation. 

I don’t need a full room design but I’d like help selecting paint colors and furniture.

Do you offer these smaller services?

We are not taking on super small jobs at this time, however we do offer advice sessions where we come out to your home for up to 3 hours to offer as much advice as we can pack into that time! No design question is off limits here. We cover paint consultations, furniture layout, and all the "what we would do's".

Have a pile of floor samples that you need to choose from? We can help you. Have a slew of paint samples all over your walls and are going cross eyed? We got you there too!

We do not source any products (other than paint colors) at this appointment, but you will have a huge list of new ideas once we leave! 

I don’t know what styleI like.

Can you help?

Absolutely! It is our job to find what style works well with the architecture of your home, your needs for function, and your personality! While our designers do have a certain design aesthetic, it's also our job to stretch ourselves and find the style that works best for you! 

What companies do you work with for trade products and furniture?

How much time do you have? ;) I'd say it's more like what companies DON'T we work with! We have access to hundreds of trade vendors and are always growing, so we can find just about anything! 

Can you integrate my favorite pieces of furniture into my design?

We sure can! We are always working to create cohesion, marrying favorite pieces that are there to stay with new pieces we will be bringing in. Our goal is to create a space that makes you love those favorite pieces even more with the right design surrounding them!