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We are so lucky to have worked with so many amazing clients over the years.

Read what they have to say about their experience with the Brocato Design + Co team!

Jason & Netia E.

Brocato Design + Co | Outdoor Living Space

“We would wholeheartedly recommend Juli for any design needs, whether it be furnishing and decorating an empty room, or just accessorizing a nearly complete space for a more polished look.  She has helped us with numerous rooms in our home, and each time, we learn to let go a little more, because we've realized that the more we get out of the way and let her have free reign, the better the results will be!  The best part about her design process is that she works with you every step of the way, listening to your wants and needs, sticking to your budget, and explaining the rationale behind her design choices.  The photo designs she provides beforehand are invaluable, because they have helped us to visualize how the space will look with her selections, and allow us to discuss alternate options before any purchases are made.” 

Brooke S.

Brocato Design + Co | Dining Area Light Fixture

“Juli has helped me with many projects over the last few years. A total outdoor transformation of my screened porch and deck, design and decorating my entryway and dining room, and selecting bedroom furniture and accent pieces for around my home. Almost ALL of the work has been done from a distance. I take a few pictures, send some measurements, give her an idea of my style and budget and she gets to work! One of my favorite things that Juli does is put together the finished look before anything is purchased. She crops and swaps to suit my tastes and I know exactly what it’s going to look like from the get-go.

I have had SO many compliments on the areas of my home that Juli has helped with. She is professional, talented, and completes projects in a timely manner I wouldn’t dream of using anyone else!”

Brocato Design + Co | Eclectic Bedroom Design

Robin C.

“Juli’s strengths are her sheer design skill, ability to see possibilities, resourcefulness, and responsiveness. I had a sense of what I liked but didn’t know how to describe it or how to put pieces together. She started with a lot of questions and examples to help narrow it down and create a vision that we could get really excited about.”

Brocato Design + Co | Miami Outdoor Living Space

Shawn S.

"Juli has an incredible gift for transforming spaces. Our recent patio renovation wildly exceeded my expectations. The space changed from barely functional to worthy of a magazine cover! Each step of the way Juli was readily available to discuss and lend her artistic eye to every detail of the project. When I escape to my new oasis I can hardly believe it’s part of our home. I absolutely recommend everyone hire Juli to design spaces you’ll be proud to show off and love living in."

Brocato Design + Co | VA Home Office Design

Lori K.

“Juli was so much fun to work with! She had great ideas and was able to push me out of my comfort zone while still helping me bring my ideas to life. I can’t recommend her enough!”


Stephanie B.

"Juli is a gift; her design expertise, her vision, fun creativity, and attention to (every) detail was a joy to work with in creating a magical playroomfor ALL kids to use! She exceeded my expectations by

creating a space that has already created lifelong memories for my family!"

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