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From deciphering floor plans and selecting cohesive, beautiful finishes, to choosing paint colors, lighting plans, and unique architectural elements- new builds and renovations can be incredibly overwhelming for homeowners. Many are so exhausted after the construction is finally done that following it up with furnishings, that will actually work well in their new space, becomes an afterthought. At BD+Co we work with our clients to create a cohesive, functional space- from the very first blueprint to the final installation- that reflects their lifestyle and aesthetic throughout their home. 

When we work on construction projects, we build relationships with our clients, builders and craftsmen to help make the decision-making during the building process not only less stressful, but also more intentional. We are considering the function, flow, and cohesion of the finishes and furnishings that will elevate the design following the construction phase. As your designers, we know where the end-result is headed and are there to ensure that you avoid costly mistakes by getting it right the first time. We provide weekly or bi-weekly construction support to monitor progress and intercept any issues that could disrupt the process, while also making sure that the design is fully and beautifully executed from start to finish.


BD+Co provides luxury design services to our clients from initial concept all the way to completion. We manage all aspects of the design process for clients looking for full home designs as well as those only looking to design a few rooms. We work with our clients to design spaces that reflect their aesthetic while balancing artistic style and function throughout their home.

We custom design all architectural features, wall treatments, and carpentry while working with our talented craftsman to bring our unique designs to life. All finishes and furnishings are sourced from our select to-the-trade vendors and are completely project-managed by our team. We manage orders, receivers, delivery, and installation while factoring lead times and handling delays, damages, and any other hiccups that may arise. Our processes are well organized and our services are relationship-centered so that our clients can truly enjoy a “hands off” experience with a trusted team to bring them a magazine-worthy home once the project is complete.

To achieve the Brocato Design + Co aesthetic, our clients should be prepared to spend $25K+ per room.



This service is intended for clients who have most of their furnishings in place and have a general idea of their design goals, but need help from a designer to complete their vision. Designer For A Day can include paint consultations, flooring advice, space planning, accessories, and styling. 

Designer For A Day is ideal for clients who need some help with selections- those who would like to meet at a showroom to go over finish options, or even retail shopping together to select styling pieces that will breathe life into their space. Others love to do the shopping but aren't quite sure how to style their newfound treasures; we'll come in and "jzuszh" your shelves, pillows, and accessories for you. 

Detailed notes will be sent to the client following our session for their reference, but do not include any electronic design renderings or product sourcing outside of what is selected while shopping together.

$1600 for up to 6 hours


For clients who just need to pick a designer’s brain for a few hours, but don't need a designer to specifically design their space. Advice sessions can cover anything design-related from paint consultations to space planning and furniture placement.  Together we will cover everything "we would do" during our time together.


Detailed notes will be sent to the client following our session for their reference, but do not include any electronic design renderings or specific product sourcing.

$850 for up to 3 hours


Let’s work together!

Once you fill out our design inquiry form, you will be invited to book a call with us to discuss the details of your project. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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