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We know you are excited about your project (we are too!), and we anticipate answering a lot of questions along the way. The design process can be a bit foreign to most people, and no two design firms operate exactly alike, so we would love to outline a lot of common questions and friendly reminders to manage your expectations!


New Construction + Renovations

We get it: It’s overwhelming to think of all the things to consider when starting a construction project. It’s important, however, to understand some key factors on the front-end before ever breaking ground or demo-ing any walls. 

General Guidelines


Kitchen Renovations: For a high-quality kitchen renovation, clients should plan to spend between $300 and $500 per square foot. This cost includes everything from the demolition of old structures to the installation of new fixtures and finishes including cabinetry and countertops. Notably, appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers often make up over 30% of the total kitchen renovation cost. This significant portion is due to the high price tags associated with high-end, energy-efficient appliances and the necessary electrical and plumbing work to install them.

Primary Bathroom Renovations: When renovating a primary bathroom, you should estimate spending between $250 and $400 per square foot. This range accounts for all aspects of the renovation, including plumbing, tiling, fixtures, and cabinetry. The cost can vary depending on the choice of materials, such as high-end tiles or custom vanities, and the complexity of the design. Luxurious additions like heated floors or high-tech shower systems can also influence the overall price, pushing it towards the higher end of the spectrum.


Contingency Budget


We always budget an extra 10-20% of the projected project amount for any unknowns that may arise. We can’t tell you what they will be, but there is almost always something unexpected that creeps in during the project. If this happens, you’ve budgeted and prepared for it. If everything goes smoothly, then you have extra money in your pocket. Either way, there are no surprises, which we always try to avoid (other than beautiful big reveals). Win-win!


Home Furnishings & Styling


For our full interior design services, we suggest budgeting 2-5% of your home's value per room. This varies based on style, taste, and the scope of work. Smaller rooms with fewer design elements may cost less, while larger rooms with more elements may cost more.

The "Annoying Extras" Of Design

We are also very upfront with our clients about the "annoying extras": freight, shipping, holding, inspection and delivery. We do our best to estimate these costs on the initial furnishing invoices, but there is almost always a final invoice at the end of the project that will account for underestimations in shipping as well as receiving/inspection/holding and the delivery charges that we can’t possibly know in advance.


See what the other "annoying extras" might look like in our blog post here


Brocato Design + Co Aesthetic


To achieve the Brocato Design + Co aesthetic, expect to invest approximately $35,000+ per room (excluding kitchens and bathrooms) for furnishings. 


Design Fees


Design fees are determined per project and are significantly influenced by the scope of each project. For planning purposes, prospective clients should budget approximately 18-22% of the overall project budget for design fees as a general guide.


Brocato Design + Co charges a flat rate per room and currently has a 2-3 room minimum. Pricing is based on the full scope of work but can be estimated at 18-22% of the project investment.

More than you're prepared to invest at this time?

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