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It’s All About The Lighting

The purpose of interior lighting isn’t a complicated one but what if I told you it can make you feel relaxed, promote productivity, and could draw people together? Lighting allows our eyes to distinguish colors, textures and the mood of the room. Lighting can also be used as a major focal point in a room and give you that wow moment you may be needing in your home! Pulling a lighting scheme all together can be daunting, but we’re here to help you learn the basics!

  • Think quality over quantity

  • Think about natural and artificial light when designing

  • Try to put light where its truly needed

  • Match your lighting to the tasks being performed- brightly lit kitchen versus lamp in your bedroom for reading

Now let’s talk room to room in your house…

Brocato Design + Co | Dwelling On It Blog | Kitchen lighting

Kitchen: Arguably the most functional area of your home, requiring well-lit counters to cook, sip your morning coffee, and enjoy your drink of choice by the evening. Think general ambient overhead lighting over your counters such as recessed lighting on a dimmer and possibly pendents (also on a dimmer!) over your island. A sconce over your sink or above your open shelving can add a fun visual aspect as well! Dimmers are huge for transitioning from “cook mode” to “host mode”!

Brocato Design + Co | Dwelling On It Blog | Dining Room lighting

Dining: Think food and flair! A great dining room moment has both of those doesn’t it? A chandelier or large-sized pendants above the dining table gives a wonderful focal point and great linear visual to your room. If you have a sideboard you love to store all the things in, add some wall sconces around an art piece to create that cozy atmosphere! And don’t forget that dimmer… ambient lighting during a special meal in the dining room changes the mood from blazing to beguiling in seconds!

Brocato Design + Co | Dwelling On It Blog | Living Room lighting

Living: The main all-purpose room in the house- TV, reading room, hangout room, sometimes doubles as play room with kiddos, and a place for a cozy conversation. Since this room has so many purposes, so does the lighting! In general, recessed lighting, and a large chandelier will cover most of the ambient light you want in the room. In terms of specific areas in the room, you’ll want to add floor lamps, table lamps, sconces allowing more direct task lighting and give your space the depth it wants! Again think quality over quantity here!

Brocato Design + Co | Dwelling On It Blog | Office lighting

Office: The place to get work done! Therefore, think functional lighting to create productivity. Floor lamps, adjustable table lamps. To give your home office even more of a pop, you can add a fun chandelier above your desk!

Brocato Design + Co | Dwelling On It Blog | Bathroom lighting
Be sure to follow your local code when installing bathroom lighting.

Bathroom: Where you prepare the best version of you, right? Flushmounts, wall sconces and vanity lights will provide you with enough lighting to make sure you look your best! And if we haven’t said it enough, don’t forget that dimmer! Nothing like sinking into a hot bath after a long day with dimly lit lighting to take the edge off of all the stress blazing in our lives!

Brocato Design + Co | Dwelling On It Blog | Bedroom lighting

Bedroom: This room is your resting domain and place of sleep, and therefore calls for softer lighting. A chandelier or flushmount that can be dimmed. Even wall-mounted sconces can be used for accent lighting to give a decorative vibe or to keep lamps off your side tables!

The purpose of each room plays a huge role in the lighting you decide. By keeping all of these tricks up your sleeve, you will maximize the design and function of your room and give you enough lighting in all the spots you need!

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