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Holiday Home Hacks and Hosting Tips

The holidays are upon us, and it's time to infuse your living space with warmth and cheer. Decorating for the festive season can be a delight with a few ingenious holiday home decorating hacks that not only simplify the process but also elevate the aesthetics of your home. From clever organization tips to hosting hacks that impress, here are some savvy ideas to make this season's décor sparkle, and make your life easier! These are a few tips and tricks we've picked up over the years that have made holiday decorating a breeze.

Holiday Decor Hacks

Winter art print from Etsy

1. Easily Changeable Etsy Art in Frames:

Showcase seasonal art from Etsy in frames that can be swapped out effortlessly. Search holiday or winter digital downloads in Etsy (we personally love a Vintage vibe) and either print at home or your local print shop. Stash the holiday-themed art behind the regularly displayed pieces for quick access next year, ensuring a

fresh look each holiday season.

2. Command Strip Hooks for Effortless Display:

Harness the power of Command strip hooks for hanging garlands or stockings without leaving a mark. They offer a hassle-free way to adorn your space while maintaining your walls' pristine condition.

Twine for hanging garland

3. Creative Use of Pipe Cleaners, Clips and Twine:

Utilize small orchid clips or binder clips along with pipe cleaners and twine to secure decorations to unconventional spots. This allows for easy placement of ornaments, garland or lights in unique areas, instantly adding a touch of holiday magic.

Battery operated lights in a Christmas wreath

4. Efficient Use of Battery-Operated Lights:

Embrace battery-operated lights with remotes or timers to effortlessly illuminate various spots. These lights add ambiance without the hassle of power cords and sockets. Use them in your garlands on your mantle, your banisters, your front porch decor, outdoor wreaths, etc. The opportunities for all the glowiness are endless!

Frame TV Holiday Art and Christmas Mantle

5. Utilizing Holiday Art on TV Screens:

Use holiday-themed artwork on YouTube on smart TVs to amplify the festive vibe throughout your home. Search "Holiday TV Art" to find scenes you love to display- this is so much better than just a dark screen or random shows in the background when you're taking photos during the holidays. There are also paid apps like Artcast where you can purchase subscriptions for unlimited access to well known artists and photographers year-round to showcase on your TV. Even if you don't own an Frame TV- it will still look you have a nice big piece of art on display!

Organization for Stress-Free Decorating

1. Strategic Storage of Extension Cords

Store extension cords with corresponding decorations like trees and garlands to avoid scavenging for them next year. Trust us- you THINK storing all the lights and cords together in one bin will be easier, but if you keep them with their trees or garlands and store them that way- it makes finding them and putting them up much more efficient.

2. Photographic Documentation

Capture pictures of your regular décor before setting up holiday embellishments to ensure a seamless revert. Additionally, photograph your holiday setup for future reference, creating a designated folder in your photo album for easy recall. It never fails- no matter how long you've had your mantle a certain way or you've styled your bookshelf, you'll almost always forget how it was setup before you took everything down. Snap a photo and save it. Your future self will thank you!

3. Labeling and Organizing Decor Items

Label, label, label! Label bins with the designated areas of use (e.g., garlands for front room) and consider adding printed photos for quick identification, taking your organization game up a notch. This will save you SO much time in the long run. Separating your bins based on spaces rather than items will also allow you to set up your decor room by room, a little bit at a time, instead of having bins upon bins open in your living room while you are looking for that one garland for your banister in your foyer. The less overwhelm, the better, right?

Hosting Hacks for Memorable Gatherings

Holiday cookies on display

1. Enhanced Presentation of Store-Bought Treats

We are not above buying some pretty treats from the store over baking it ourselves- hey, that means our kitchens stay clean, right? Elevate the appearance of store-bought cookies or desserts by placing them on decorative holiday plates for an instant homemade aesthetic.

*Que the TikTok audio... "Nobody will ever know..."

Craft cocktails for Christmas

2. Crafting Signature Cocktails with Ease

You know we're all about our 12-step craft cocktails at BD+Co, but if you just want it to look good and taste good, we've got you covered. Simplify cocktail preparation by mixing holiday-themed liquors like apple pie moonshine or caramel vodka with cranberry juice. Add frozen cranberries, some cinnamon sticks and maybe even some rosemary sprigs, and voilá! You've got a tasty concoction that's sure to impress your guests.

3. Charming Table Settings and Guest Gifts

Create adorable place settings using rosemary sprigs, tree trimmings or personalized holiday ornaments, doubling up as charming guest gifts for them to cherish and hang on their own trees. Keep the tradition going every year by adding a new ornament for guests to look forward to as their annual holiday favor.

4. Convenient Garment Rack for Winter Gatherings

Everyone knows the scene: you host a holiday party and your front door is blocked by a massive heap of puffy coats, sparkly shoes, scarves, boots and gloves. Avoid the mountain of mess by having a designated place for guests' things. Instead, set up a foldable garment rack to accommodate guest coats and accessories during larger gatherings, preventing clutter near the door and ensuring a welcoming atmosphere.

We hope these hacks help create a stress-free and delightful holiday + hosting experience. Elevate your home this season and create lasting memories with these simple yet effective tricks!

Happy Holidays!

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