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How to hack a B.A.W.

Let's just get this straight from the get-go. I love a big ass wreath, y'all. For those of you who don't like my lip, I'll try this once: I love an oversized wreath. Mkay?

Nope, that just doesn't feel right. Also, if you don't like my lip, then you're probably in the wrong place. I keep things pretty real around here and the real me comes with some real "grown ass woman in the 21st century" words. I've warned you, so please no "that's not very ladylike" complaints, k? (Sorry Daddy).

So let's get to the good stuff. You don't have to be a total florist to create your own DIY wreath... and it also doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars. I just find that the ones in the stores aren't quite as big and full as I would like. So here's my little hack to make things nice and full quickly, easily, and affordably.

The Supply List

  1. A pre-made Wreath: (This is the one I used for this tutorial, but honestly there are so many perfect ones on the Target site alone that I may have to do a whole series on BAW's!)

  2. Garland: I used this one and this one.

  3. Floral Wire: Found at any craft store or Amazon.

  4. Scissors or Wire Cutters

The Steps

  1. Start with your pre-made wreath facing up. If your garland is made of wire, you can affix the starting end to the top of your pre-made wreath by giving it a little twist (especially if your wreath has a little hanging loop like mine did. Not all of them do, however, so you may need to affix it to the top with some floral wire.)

  2. Guide the garland around the back side of the leaves that are already on the wreath, but still to the side of the wreath form.

  3. Make your way around until you are back to the top or the garland runs out.

  4. Flip the wreath over, making sure that the garland stays to the outside of the wreath form rather than behind it.

  5. Affix the garland to the wreath by wrapping floral wire around the wreath form and your garland ONLY. What do I mean by that? Don't take your wire in front of the leaves already in the front. This will just clamp them down. You want to thread the wire behind those leaves. Do this in as many spots as you need to hold it in place nicely.

  6. Flip the wreath back to the front and attach your other garland to the top of the wreath with the florist wire. This time, weave the garland in and out of the leaves that are already there to intersperse things evenly throughout.

  7. Once you have it where you want it, affix this second garland throughout with the wire.

  8. Juzgh (how do you even spell that?!) the leaves throughout by pulling here and there to make things full. You don't want any parts to be clamped or crunched down by wire.

And that's it y’all! It's really so simple and adds so much fullness, making a commonly used wreath that you can spot a mile away ("hey I've seen that one at Target!") more unique and custom looking!

Happy hacking!!

And if you're not much of a reader and would prefer to see the video tutorial, here ya go!

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