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Office at Quimby Oaks: From Boring to Bomb Diggity!

Our client over at Quimby Oaks works from home, like many of us these days, and had yet to really do anything to her office after moving in. Also like many of us, staring at the same walls day after day can get awfully boring if you don't feel inspired and happy to be there. We decided to change that for her!

The paint was left from the previous owners as well as the curtains. She threw her office furniture in that she'd had for years, but there really wasn't much rhyme or reason to the layout.

The Boring Before:

We decided to keep the paint color on the walls (but to give it a fresh new coat) and to brighten up the space with a gorgeous new built-in, some lighting, new furniture, accessories, and a lighter rug. I am so so in love with this space that it needs no other explanation. Just look at it!!!

Special thanks, as always, to Ismael Alvarado for his wonderful craftsmanship on our built-in design!

You guys... I could sit all day, every day in this space and never once get bored! Couldn't you?

The Bomb Diggity:

This office space inspired me so much that I'm actually doing a similar built-in in my own office! Can't wait to share more once it's finished!


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