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Sunday Ramblings

So I'm sitting here on a cozy Sunday morning with my coffee thinking.... Have you ever looked at IG or Pinterest and just felt like a pile of poo by what is "supposed" to inspire you but instead it has made you feel like a failure? Failure to keep the perfect home. Failure to make loads and loads of money to invest in all the things for that unattainably perfect home? Failure to just keep up in some way or another? Honestly, I already know that I don't have to ask that question... because I already KNOW that no matter who you are, no matter what kind of money you make, you've done it. It may not be about your home if that's not your thing, (maybe it's your clothing, your job, your fitness, your makeup, your voice, your dance moves, your car, your crafts, your parenting, ANYTHING) but then why would you be reading my blog? So we'll stick to the topic of our homes since that's why we're here. I don't care who you are or how amazing your home already is, you've seen someone else's (or many others) that looks better. That's bigger. That's fancier. That costs more. That is more luxurious. Or maybe on a more basic level, just cleaner. Tidier. Cuter. More "together". PERFECT in our outside opinion. And while we all *know* better... that everything out there on social media is tidied up perfectly "for the gram" and basically meant to make you WANT SOMETHING, it still leaves people feeling crappy. Screw that.

*Exterior Photo Credit: Young House Love.

If I'm being honest (and vulnerable) then I have to admit that I'm no different. I LOVE beautiful spaces and personally just don't "feel right" if I haven't made a special home for myself. That's just me. I've always been that way. But I'd be lying if I said that I haven't seen PLENTY of homes or designers that made me pause (or maybe more like slam on the effing brakes) and think "what am I even doing? I can't do that! I'm nowhere NEAR that good. I'm going to fail my clients." But then I have to stop and remind myself that there are so many layers and levels of good design and I aspire to bridge the gap from something that doesn't feel attainable for many to making it actually happen for them. I think about what I've done with the funds I HAVE had to work with and think... "actually sister, you've done some pretty great things with what you've been given. Kudos to creativity!"

Here's a pretty great example:

See that's the thing... there really are some incredible luxurious multi-million dollar homes out there that designers hope to get their hands on (which is totally understandable)! They only want the best of the best and will actually weed out clients that won't spend X amount of money with them because that's a waste of their time. Cheap is not where the money (or their reputation) is. I get it. Then there are other designers that don't work exclusively with luxury but they still expect a certain budget otherwise they aren't interested. Again, I get it... it's HARD to work within a small budget (and literally impossible to work with an unrealistic budget) so they just don't have the time or energy for this kind of work. Y'all, we aren't magicians, but I do believe that EVERYONE can have a beautiful home no matter where you fall on that scale and I am so passionate about making that come to life for those who want it! Yes, the reality is that you have to spend a chunk of money to make it happen (for my services and on your new pretty things), even on the cheap. If you aren't able to do that just yet, THAT'S OK, sometimes just changing the flow of your space with a new furniture layout can make a dramatic change in the vibe of your home! Other times just a little paint, or some new pillows or accessories are enough to make it feel new for you! We are all in different places (that goes for literally all aspects of our lives) and I'm here to remind you that that's ok to be where you are AND to make some tweaks that feel worth it!

I have clients that ask their family for my services as a gift for holidays and birthdays as it's a truly special "splurge" for them, and I have other clients with multi-million dollar homes who don't even blink with what we are doing. I treat all of my clients the same way and do my best to make the most of your time and budget no matter who you are. My objective is to make you LOVE your home without feeling like you have to completely burn the house down and start over to get there! I think we often see the best of the best and think "well that's not me... I'll never have that" so we don't even bother, but I truly want good design to feel accessible to everyone!

I won't pretend that my design services are cheap, because they aren't, but they are definitely reasonable for this industry. I'm also not trying to hone in on a certain clientele that will make me want to pull my hair out because it's literally impossible to make their ideas a reality with no budget. We do have to be realistic about what we can do at one time, but I am always willing to take a look and offer my advice and perspective on ways that you CAN make changes that will help you feel more at home in your own home! Virtual consultations are only $75 with me and in person (with masks and social distancing) are only $150! If you are reading this before the holidays, check out my special holiday discounts for advice sessions that make great gifts! Send your partner/family this link for your holiday wish list if you happen to be someone who would prefer the gift of design advice over yet another pair of slippers.

As for the IG and Pinterest thing... ESPECIALLY if you've ever seen my own work or posts and felt crappy rather than inspired? Please know that I am a sh!t show most days! I'm not super put together 98% of the time, my house is not always tidy, and my to-do list in my home is probably just as long as yours! I like to think I'm easy AND professional to work with AND ALSO I am a human being that is imperfect. You are too. There, I said it for the both of us! Love and Hugs.


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