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The Gift Of Home: We Need Hands + Donations

Kindness is one of my passions as well as creating beautiful living spaces. I LOVE participating in surprises and making others feel special and seen. I decided to combine my two passions into one giant effort to restore hope, generosity, kindness, and empathy in a world that needs it now more than ever. In this filmed project, we will watch the stories of individuals unfold telling their journey through hardship as they come out on the other side of hope! While the messages will be heartfelt and serious, we will have a lot of fun, laughter, and tears along the way!

We Need Your Help!!

Are you or someone you know in the home furnishings, contracting, skilled labor industry, or just an all around helpful person and would like to participate in an act of kindness that proves that hope still exists in this world? WE NEED YOUR HELP! We will be gifting one deserving recipient a free interior design makeover! This person has fallen on hard times, but has been kicking butt to change the course of their life and is a positive influence in the lives of others. Simply put, they deserve the gift of HOME and have an inspiring story to tell!

The scale of this project will depend entirely on the donations made by others and has not yet been determined. We will be filming this project which will highlight the kindness of all volunteers/businesses involved. If you have a Mom & Pop shop and can donate furnishings or accessories, we want to highlight your business! If you have the ability to donate building supplies and/or hands-on skills, we want to highlight your business! And we NEED monetary donations, both near and far, to make some magic! Juli Brocato of Brocato Design +Co. will be donating her time, creativity, and the principal design to this project and will not be making a profit in any way. Design projects add up quickly so we need kind and generous members of our community to step in and take part in this special project to make this dream into a reality!

2020 has been hard y'all. Let's come together and offer newfound hope in the New Year!

*Please note that project implementation will not happen for at least a few months into 2021 but we hope to find our candidate and our team of help and donors ASAP! The current plan is to tackle this project in one weekend.

Volunteer Here!

Able to contribute financially? Donate here!


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