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What's Poppin' In 2022

Design Trends 2022
What's Poppin' in 2022- by Alex Jacob

As we pack away our holiday decor and start all of our New Year’s resolutions, many of us take a look at our homes and think about all the new big and small projects we would like to accomplish in 2022. New trends are beginning to emerge and our design brains are buzzing at BD+Co with the thought of new ideas for our clients to incorporate cozy, and functional spaces.

Here are some exciting trends we’re looking forward to this year:

Shades of Brown

Yes that’s right, bring back the brown! Chocolate browns, camel, caramels, tans, taupes, putty, and ALLLL the wood materials. Brown shades will play well with other colors you have in your home. That vibrant red rug you have would pair perfectly with neutrals to give an elegant and timeless space that mirrors feelings of comfort.


Yes curves! This isn’t a groundbreaking new trend in 2022, but it continues to make waves in all spaces of the home. Think curved furniture, architectural curved moments in your home, decor accents, wall art, and even rugs! Curves have a way of softening up your room unlike the harder edges and angles that we also love. Choosing a curved statement piece in your room creates a conversation starter and gives you a great visual by breaking up all the straight lines in the room.

Serene Paint Colors

We could all use a little peace and serenity, right? In 2022, we’re foreseeing rooms full of color, but of shades that make us feel grounded, serene and comfortable These colors give us the sense of calmness and optimism- which everyone could use in their spaces.

The color of the year by Sherwin Williams is Evergreen Fog-a timeless, soft grey-green shade. Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams says that “Evergreen Fog signals growth, emergence and new beginnings.” We definitely like the sound of that, which is why we’ll be using it in the BD+Co office space!


This is also not another new earth-shattering trend, but one we’re excited to take a different look at. We’re seeing the floral trend become more prominent and expressive than ever before. Inspired by distant travel, tropical flora and exotic plants like palm trees, frangipani, citrus fruits, and orchids will be showing up more in homes this year. We love adding florals to any room at BD+Co and can foresee adding them at an exaggerated scale, especially with wall art prints, pillows, and even wallpaper (remember our guest room gussy-up?!).

What trends are you looking forward to in 2022? Which ones are you hoping to incorporate in your home? We’d love to hear more about it!

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