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Family Function Packs a Design Punch

I am the luckiest. My clients are my favorites and I love co-creating with people. A design aesthetic is so personal, so when people resonate with my "style" and trust me to design spaces that they LIVE in, it is such an honor! One of my favorite clients ever wrote me the kindest review + it meant the world to me. In an effort to help my potential clients understand the experience of working with me, I'm going to start sharing my reviews here! Pardon me while I cry but here goes --

"Our relationship with Juli started nearly 10 years ago. She’s the person we contact before making any significant investments in our home. She is nothing short of an amazing partner in creating a home you love. There have been so many moments during the quarantine that I’ve been especially thankful that we finished our recent, big renovation with her last year. She helped make our home both beautiful and durable- with a design that has stood the test of time with 3 kids and 2 large dogs. Juli strengths are her sheer design skill, ability to see possibilities, resourcefulness, and responsiveness. I had a sense of what I liked but didn’t know how to describe it or how to put pieces together. She started with a lot of questions and examples to help narrow it down and create a vision that we could get really excited about. Next, she worked with all the quirks of our older home and optimized the space and functionality—making it work for our family and how we live. She also has tremendous knowledge of the resources out there- from big-name stores to little local shops to service providers. She worked with our budget and helped us spend money where we get the greatest return and save on other items. I loved getting the composite pictures with design ideas. She was able to pull so many different things together and make tweaks along the way. Juli is responsive. She delivered the design plan on our agreed-upon timeline and answered questions quickly. She was flexible and even did quick calls or FaceTime calls from the store when I would panic before a big purchase. We get so many compliments on our home- which makes me feel so good. It’s a light, comfortable space that blends lovely design and our personal items. Juli delivered nothing short of a complete transformation that has brought so much joy in our day to day lives.  She simply couldn’t be a better designer- especially if you’re looking to play a role in bringing the vision to life. She certainly can develop and execute a complete design. However, her true value is in working closely with her clients and teaching them along the way. I believe I have a better eye for design and more confidence in my choices after working with her. She is generous in sharing her knowledge and explaining why she makes the recommendations she does. I’d highly recommend Juli for any project large or small."

- Robin C., design client


You and your family were an absolute treasure to work with! Thank you for trusting me so whole-heartedly and allowing us to create something so wonderful together!

Click to see some images of Robin's beautiful home:

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