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A Haven in Hallsley

Juli has helped me with many projects over the last few years. A total outdoor transformation of my screened porch and deck, design and decorating my entryway and dining room, and selecting bedroom furniture and accent pieces for around my home. Almost ALL of the work has been done from a distance. I take a few pictures, send some measurements, give her an idea of my style and budget and she gets to work! One of my favorite things that Juli does is put together the finished look before anything is purchased. She crops and swaps to suit my tastes and I know exactly what it’s going to look like from the get-go.

I have had SO many compliments on the areas of my home that Juli has helped with. She is professional, talented, and completes projects in a timely manner I wouldn’t dream of using anyone else!

Brooke Sater


Working with Brooke is always such a fun experience! Located just outside of Richmond in the coveted neighborhood of Hallsley, the bones of Brooke's home are beyond gorgeous! Certain clients know me well enough by now that they just trust the process and aren't afraid to take risks. Brook is absolutely one of those clients, so whenever she calls me to tackle another area, I know it will be a fun, easy going process!

The Screened Porch

Her outdoor area was almost a blank slate. She had her sofa and coffee table, but wanted to make the outdoors feel like an extension of the indoors by adding warmth and charm to the space. In her screened porch we added fun pops of color, mounted a TV surrounded by super chunky shelves, brought in a rug, added long beautiful curtains, a fun hanging chair for her girls, and of course all the accessories!

The Deck

On the deck, she wanted another cozy place to hang with family and friends that was vibrant and fun while also serving as a spot to have cozy fires during a crisp fall football game! We added seating, lighting, a fire-pit table, and a place to dine as well. What was once just a blah outdoor space, quickly became one of her family's favorite places to gather!

The Dining Room

We also tackled her dining room. She wanted it to be beautiful yet eclectic and commissioned a local artist that she LOVED (Christine Rennie) to do the painting for her. She had her Grandmother's dining table and chairs that are sentimental to her, so she wanted to be able to keep them in the space without them feeling too.. well, "Grandma". So we balanced the furniture with some new end chairs, a new rug, new lighting, a new buffet, paint colors, accessories, and painted a piece of furniture that she already had to make it more cohesive.

The Entryway

Next we did her entryway. Nothing too over the top, but it created such a welcoming vibe when entering her home. This sweet vignette was created with a new entryway table, lighting, artwork, and accessories. Don't be fooled by the image... this spans much taller than it appears!

One of the hardest parts about doing long distance work or having predominately e-design clients is that I don't get to be in their space when everything arrives to arrange and style it "just so". So we often have a lot of communication and sometimes FaceTime sessions with me suggesting to "move this over that way... ok now shift this over here. Nope, don't like that, let's move this one instead", etc. I do, however, LOVE receiving pictures from my clients when they've taken the design and executed it to their liking. It's so incredibly rewarding to see my creative work come alive in someone else's home.


As always, thank you for trusting me with your beautiful home! I always have such a blast creating spaces with you and can't wait to tackle even more in the future!

*Photo Credit: Brooke Sater

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