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An Outside Oasis in Miami

I recently had the pleasure of working with a friend and her husband, who live in Miami, FL, on the exterior of their home. When they purchased the home years ago they initially began as renters so they hadn't put any work into the home, but fell in love with the location and surrounding "jungle vibe" of their property while still living in a bustling city. The home itself needed a lot of work and they felt like the exterior was just a lost cause, but I would say the end result proves that it was anything but! I always say that paint and lighting are the fastest ways to dramatically change the vibe of ANY space and I think this is a perfect example of just that!

We tackled both the exterior facade and their patio which had become more of a storage space than a living area. Together we created a space that was an extension of the inside, was within their budget, and that their family can enjoy year round!

Before getting to all the amazing before and after's, I humbly share these kind words from Jamie and Shawn Sutta:


"I’m always amazed by Juli’s ability to look at a space and know pretty much immediately what needs to happen in order to transform it into something that is not only functional, but that you will also absolutely love. Her latest redesign of my patio has made it my new favorite space of our home. My husband and I are constantly looking for opportunities to escape into our lovely patio and it’s the place where my kids love to play."


"Juli has an incredible gift for transforming spaces. Our recent patio renovation wildly exceeded my expectations. The space changed from barely functional to worthy of a magazine cover! Each step of the way Juli was readily available to discuss and lend her artistic eye to every detail of the project. When I escape to my new oasis I can hardly believe it’s part of our home. I absolutely recommend everyone hire Juli to design spaces you’ll be proud to show off and love living in."



I wish we had more "before" photos of the interior of the patio. This one is actually after they removed a lot of the items and the old lattice that covered the lower portion of the screens.



Ok y'all... I mean how bright and beautiful is this space now?! I'll let these photos speak for themselves!

[Exterior Photo Credit: David Sutta Photography. Edited by Juli Brocato. Patio Photo Credit: Jamie Sutta. Edited by Juli Brocato.].


Jamie and Shawn, it is ALWAYS such a pleasure to work with you both but this was especially fun! I am SO happy that your family loves your new space and I can't wait to tackle more projects together in the future!

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