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A Sentimental Space

"We’ve lived in our home for 3.5 years. We moved in with old furniture that needed an upgrade , so we hired a designer who came highly recommended to us. She seemed upscale, was pricey and professional, however, thousands of dollars later, we replaced the couch we bought with her (a custom piece that we couldn’t return) and realized we settled on several other items that we didn’t really love. We realized she never fully took the time to understand what we wanted. In comes Brocato Design + Co. Juli came to our house for a consult, was honest and professional and somehow found our style through talking with us. Juli brought our house...bare walls and old beat up furniture, to a home~ tastefully decorated and personal. Juli thinks of everything, from color and fabric to measurements and placement. She’s very particular and finds the best (within your budget). She is very responsive and wants her clients to be happy. We’re so pleased with the spaces Juli designed/decorated and can’t wait to do more with her in the near future!"

Erin Backer, Design Client

What a fun ride it was to work with Erin and her family! With 3 kids (2 active boys, and an adorably spunky little girl) + 2 dogs, I knew that this room had to be family friendly, dog friendly, and also mean something to them as the hub of their home. Her walls were huge (hard to see in the design board below), so a singular piece wasn't going to fit the space without looking lost. I asked Erin what was special to her and her family~ art is such a personal experience. She loves the beach, butterflies, and serene colors. Her father, with whom she was incredibly close but has now passed, loved jazz music and Bryers ice cream. Washington DC and Charleston SC are an important part of her love story with her husband. So we created this gallery wall of art~ including all of the above~ that would actually MEAN something to Erin and her people. This room was huge and empty and it now shares memories, pillow fights, puppy accidents and all the happiness and struggles that flow in the everyday. I feel so lucky to have created this space (and her amazing dining room which we'll have to showcase another day!) with and for Erin + fam. Thank you, Backer Family, for trusting me with your home and your hearts!!

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